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Order to abroad

When you would like to do purchase to outside Finland, we accept payments with direct bank payment or via PayPal. 

Send to us via email to pusurinpuoti@gmail.com information about the product's that you would like to purchase and your personal information's (first name and last name), delivery address (street address, post-/zip code, town, province, country) and mobile number. 

We will notify you by email about shipment cost for your order. Our shipping prices based on Finnish Post package pricing for shipment's to abroad. Minimum purchase that we accept outside Europe is 200 EUR.

We will reserve product for you from Pusurinpuoti.com online store and send by e-mail invoice for direct bank payment or for PayPal payment according to your wishes.

Payment term for direct bank payment or PayPal invoice is 3 weekday.

We will notify you by e-mail when we have receive payment confirmation via PayPal or your payment has logged on to our bank account.

We will ship your purchase as soon as payment is received and you will receive a tracking code via e-mail once we have submitted your order.


We can communicate with you via e-mail only with English.

You can use for our store pages translation app. as Google Translate.


With the best regards

Pusurinpuoti - Vintage Store